Sonic Element – Tracing Paths

Sonic Element - Tracing PathsHere’s a track that’s been out for a few months but that we missed in our hiatus. And since it didn’t get much hype when it actually released, it’s worthy of a delayed feature on this site.

Fight the Daylight favorite Sonic Element from Australia returned to the Borderline label with with “Tracing Paths”. Like his last track “Crossroads”, this one features a big peak-time melody on top of a tight trance kick, laden with plenty of acid. If you’ve been a fan of Sonic Element’s work in the past, you will probably like this one too.

The only downside is that it’s such a shame this guy’s productions are so spread out! Make sure not to overlook this one and grab it if it tickles your fancy. It’s out now on Borderline.

Transwave – Land of Freedom (Liquid Soul Remix)

transwave-land-of-freedom-liquid-soul-remix-600x600We’re back.

Transwave’s “Land of Freedom” originally released in 1996 as a tribute to Goa trance maestro Man with No Name. Swiss progressive trance legend Liquid Soul has brought this underrated Goa classic up to date with a delicious 2014 psy-trance twist.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect when this track landed in our inbox, but we were definitely in for a treat. The melodic elements of the track are very catchy and have a sense of familiarity to them. It will take you back to the 90s Oakenfold Goa era even if you, like us, weren’t familiar with the original. The best part about this track is that it’s simple yet works so well. As a huge fan of most Liquid Soul productions, we were not disappointed with this release.

Featured on the latest volume of Full On Fluoro mixed by Liquid Soul, it’ll be very hard for fans of the label to miss this. Don’t let the stigma of an updated classic deter you and add this track to your collection. Available now on Beatport.

Funkagenda – One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time (TRCR049)This one almost slipped out from under us.

Funkagenda is a man who’s been in the scene for quite a while, producing tracks in various genres along the house spectrum across a variety of labels. With his latest release on Armada sublabel Trice, he’s crossed over into this grey area between progressive house and trance with subtle hints of psy sounds as well, and the result is fantastic.

“One Day at a Time”, named after one of the mottos of Alcoholics Anonymous, opens with a snippet of monologue from a recovering alcoholic, setting the tone for the rest of the track. Although the vocal sample is confined to the intro, the remainder of the track reflects the mood of the intro: smooth, mellow, and introspective. As mentioned above, it flawlessly blends different sounds from the entire progressive dance music spectrum. Parts of the track, especially the breakdown, are reminiscent of something deadmau5 might make.

For a mature piece of dance music that truly blurs genre lines, make sure not to miss this latest offering from Funkagenda. It’s available now on Beatport and iTunes.

Active Limbic System – Karahana

active-limbic-karahana-original-mix-600x600Greek production duo Active Limbic System are one of the hottest properties in psy-trance at the moment, so when “Karahana” landed in our inbox, we were very excited.

The original mix is brilliant. These two have nailed the Goa / Perfecto Fluoro sound better then anyone has in a long time. Very much a peak-time track, the melody is very reminiscent of something Angry Man would make, but the other elements of the track make it stand out on its own.  The Indian vocal sample is a very haunting nice tough and keeps everything interesting.  Really cannot say enough how impressed we am with this track!

Keeping it an all Greek affair, Chris Voro returns to Fluoro with a psy / breaks remix which doesn’t disappoint. If you are a fan of Blazer’s productions, then you know what to expect here.  The beefed up breaks bass line fits the track perfectly. It’s exactly what a remix should be: take an already great track and turn it into something different yet still really good.  The production values as well with the original are top notch.

Fantastic package as a whole, and a very nice surprise from some lesser known producers. Recommend both mixes equally. You can pick them up now on Beatport.

Steve Brian pres. Mr. Sander – Neno Itome

BORDM042With a huge back catalog of impressive releases, it’s the turn of German born Steve Brian to make his debut on Borderline. “Neno Itome” is a track he released as Marksun & Brian on Kyau & Albert’s (née Kyau vs. Albert) euphonic label in 2005, complete with a Stoneface & Terminal remix. We’re admittedly not very familiar with the original, so this review is written from that perspective.

The production is absolutely top notch, the main melody teases during the intro before coming full swing during the break.  What I like best about this track is the way Steve has complimented a classic tune with a newer sound that sounds fresh, and not just like an old track with some harder kick drum layered on top like most “remakes” these days. Top marks to Borderline for picking this one up. We really look forward to more from Steve Brian on Borderline, hopefully!

“Neno Itome” is out on Beatport now, and you can pick it up on other download portals on May 26th.

The Thrillseekers vs. Sam Mitcham – All the Little Things

All The Little Things (ADJ024)With the music scene changing ever so rapidly, it’s so refreshing to see the some of older names keep delivering fantastic tunes to this day. The Thrillseekers’ name has popped up a handful of times over the last few years, but with this track, a collaboration with Godskitchen resident Sam Mitcham, Steve Helstrip is completely back on point with his signature sound at its best.

“All the Little Things” isn’t made to be a club banger. It’s mellow, relaxing, and hypnotic – perfect for those late-night drives down the freeway. Of course, the highlight of this track is the classic-sounding lead melody, which is simply gorgeous. I’m not sure what language the vocals in the breakdown are in, but they give the track a filmic quality a la Chicane’s “Saltwater”. To hell with the big room festival sounds – this track is everything that The Thrillseekers does best, and we need more of this in the trance scene.

There are some remixes too, but the original steals the show. Grab it now on Beatport!


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