Solid Stone & Jennifer Rene – Not Enough

Not Enough (RBR059)Here’s a track that almost slipped away from us. Quite a change from the tracks we usually feature, “Not Enough” by Canadian Solid Stone and American songstress Jennifer Rene toes the line between progressive and deep house beautifully to create a track with a very trance-like feel. It released this past summer on Max Graham’s Re*Brand label, and if you missed it (like we did), definitely check it out.

Jennifer Rene’s made quite a comeback in 2014 with a number of new tracks, including the popular collaboration with John O’Callaghan, “Games”, but I think this is the strongest of her 2014 productions. What I love is that the vocals aren’t the forefront of the track, but just another instrument. Her voice is airy, and at times she doesn’t enunciate that well, so you can’t quite make out what she’s saying unless you listen closely. It perfectly suits the feel of the track. It’s this style that shot her to popularity in 2006 with her and Jose Amnesia’s “Louder” and “Wouldn’t Change a Thing”. Her voice is just very well suited for the deeper, more progressive sound. Hope to hear more like this from her as time goes on.

And of course, Solid Stone’s production quality is top notch. I’m admittedly not familiar with his other works, but I think I’ll go Beatport hunting now.

Also, apparently there’s a Max Graham remix brewing…

Pick up “Not Enough” on any of your favorite download portals now: Beatport, iTunes, etc.

Lee Osborne feat. Roxanne Emery – Safe in the Sky

Safe in the Sky (MPURE024)Roxanne Emery has been on fire with these big vocal anthems this year (aren’t I so clever?!). Her second offering this year is a collaboration with the UK’s Lee Osborne, and it’s out now on Monster’s Pure sublabel.

There’s really not much needed to say here. “Safe in the Sky” is a quality vocal trance anthem with top-notch production from Mr. Osborne, as expected from someone who’s been making music for so long now. The melody line is fantastic, which is impressive considering he’s spent most of his career on the techier side (most people go the other way it seems!). Roxanne Emery delivers another set of folk-like vocals that work so well in these anthemic tracks. Sure, the lyrics are kind of cheesy, but whatever, it’s trance. This is the kind of track that you hear in the club at 2:45 AM as the set is nearing the end, and you scream all the words at the top of your lungs while piss drunk with your arms around all your similarly piss drunk friends on the dance floor. I know you know exactly what I’m talking about :)

“Safe in the Sky” is out now on Beatport, so go grab it while it’s hot!

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Aly & Fila with SkyPatrol feat. Sue McLaren – Running

IMG_0059-0.JPGHaving just released their latest album The Other Shore, Equptian heavyweights Aly & Fila bring us their next single “Running”, a collaboration with ReOrder and Ian Standerwick under their project SkyPatrol. We have featured SkyPatrol on this site before, and we’re a huge fan of their simple-yet-effective melody lines. This track combines that element with Aly & Fila’s masterful production value and Sue McLaren’s similarly simple-yet-effective vocals.

The pluck melody used in this track will familiar to you if you’ve heard SkyPatrol’s previous productions this year. They always remind me of Tranquility Base’s “Surrender” from 2004. It’s hard to find that kind of balance between laid-back and energetic these days, but the mix of the two creates just the perfect level of Zen.

Of course there’s Sue McLaren’s vocals, which definitely deserve mention. She’s easily one of my favorite vocalists in the scene right now. Her lyrics are always meaningful and well-written, successfully steering clear of the trite platitudes that plague the vocal trance scene. On top of that, she sings very purely without much ornamentation or any diva riffs that I really don’t want to hear in trance music. All of these characteristics are present in “Running” and perfectly complement SkyPatrol’s style as mentioned above.

“Running” is available now on Beatport and will be released on other portals shortly. Make sure to give The Other Shore a spin, which just released a few weeks ago.

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Johan Ekman – Exhale (Original + John Askew Mixes)

Johan Ekman - ExhaleSwedish born Johan Ekman is always one of the most consistent producers release after release. With that said, I was really happy when “Exhale” appeared in the inbox.  His debut release on Fluoro is one of the best tech trance productions in recent times for me.

The original mix having been played in Askew and Patterson sets for around a year now still remains one of the freshest surprises on any label.  Ekman’s signature tech and bass sound is the main course on offer.  The arrangement keeps you on your toes as faint hints of a melody tease you through out the track. An absolute top notch production.

Label friend John Askew provides an alternative version which is just different enough to make a great package.  He adds a few melodic elements as well as pumping up the bass line even more. Post break is where most of the work is done as he beefs up the main melody adding an almost psy twist to the main riff.  A really good remix which will get plays from many of the top DJs in the coming months.

Overall a fantastic release and I’m very happy to see Johan get a shot on this legendary label. Highly recommend both mixes!

You can pick up both mixes of “Exhale” now on Beatport.

Sonic Element – Tracing Paths

Sonic Element - Tracing PathsHere’s a track that’s been out for a few months but that we missed in our hiatus. And since it didn’t get much hype when it actually released, it’s worthy of a delayed feature on this site.

Fight the Daylight favorite Sonic Element from Australia returned to the Borderline label with with “Tracing Paths”. Like his last track “Crossroads”, this one features a big peak-time melody on top of a tight trance kick, laden with plenty of acid. If you’ve been a fan of Sonic Element’s work in the past, you will probably like this one too.

The only downside is that it’s such a shame this guy’s productions are so spread out! Make sure not to overlook this one and grab it if it tickles your fancy. It’s out now on Borderline.

Transwave – Land of Freedom (Liquid Soul Remix)

transwave-land-of-freedom-liquid-soul-remix-600x600We’re back.

Transwave’s “Land of Freedom” originally released in 1996 as a tribute to Goa trance maestro Man with No Name. Swiss progressive trance legend Liquid Soul has brought this underrated Goa classic up to date with a delicious 2014 psy-trance twist.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect when this track landed in our inbox, but we were definitely in for a treat. The melodic elements of the track are very catchy and have a sense of familiarity to them. It will take you back to the 90s Oakenfold Goa era even if you, like us, weren’t familiar with the original. The best part about this track is that it’s simple yet works so well. As a huge fan of most Liquid Soul productions, we were not disappointed with this release.

Featured on the latest volume of Full On Fluoro mixed by Liquid Soul, it’ll be very hard for fans of the label to miss this. Don’t let the stigma of an updated classic deter you and add this track to your collection. Available now on Beatport.


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